Faria Maksud

Medical Aesthetician,
Founder of FM Aesthetics Inc.

Faria Maksud is the founder of FM Aesthetics Inc. that started with a simple vision of high quality, result driven aesthetic treatments for all skin types. Faria has achieved her advanced medical aesthetics diploma specializing in the most innovative medical lasers in the industry. She further exceled her practice and trained under top ranked cosmetic plastic surgeons in North America.
FM Aesthetics Inc. has continued to use industry-leading technology to pioneer new, non-invasive aesthetic laser and skincare combinations and therapies establishing the clinic as Canada’s most recognized aesthetic care center. As a leader in providing the best non-surgical procedure, we take pride in the work we do, all under the care of the most devoted, discreet and experienced professional.
Faria’s mission at FM Aesthetics Inc. is to educate clients on the best practices for skin health and beauty and to provide them with the most innovative non-surgical rejuvenation treatments offering noticeable and natural results.
At FM Aesthetics Inc., our holistic approach combines cutting-edge technology, topical pharmaceuticals to prevent and correct signs of aging. FM Aesthetics Inc. uses unique and proven techniques to improve all aspects of the skin on the face and body and help keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

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